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Consultancy Services


Maritime Consultancy

   In today's shipping operations, with new regulations coming into force, there is a growing need for reliable quality assured consultancy services. GLAFCOS MARINE offers a variety of consultancy services providing owners with the quality information needed to deal with today's complex requirements.

Range of Services

   Our services deal with the consultancy needs of the shipping company ranging from every day questions within Operation and Technical department, and any conventional Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering study to on-line consultancy services in continuous basis.

  • Examination of records

   GLAFCOS MARINE independently examines ship classification records on behalf of potential shipowners or other interested parties. GLAFCOS MARINE prepares a confidential report on the vessel, indicating the present classification status and any condition of class, and detailing all reported noteworthy damages and defects.
   Our report provides the client with crucial factual information on significant recorded defects and in conjunction with a pre-purchase condition survey, the possibility of defects arising from past problems which can jeopardize the commercial viability of the proposed acquisition, is averted.

  • Design and Feasibility Studies

   For design and feasibility studies GLAFCOS MARINE can provide assistance in the appraisal of conceptual designs and detailed designs.
Following approval of the study by the client, appropriate inquiry documents can be prepared and procedures as for new-buildings, conversions and modifications followed, ensuring the client receives a comprehensive service.

  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering calculations

   This category in general terms represents analytical work referring to aspects such as preparation of Trim & Stability booklets, longitudinal strength analysis manuals, grain loading manuals etc.

  • We also provide:
    Trouble Shooting Consultancy
    Calibration of tanks (Ullage or Capacity Tables)
    Deadweight Tables
    Emergency Response Services
    Ship Design appraisal for second hand Purchase
    New General Arrangements & Capacity Plans for any Ship Type
    Revision of existing Fire Plans with the latest I.M.O. symbols as per SOLAS 1994 Res.: A654 and A760