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Inspection Services


Inspection Services

   Surveys are required for a number of reasons and as a consequence the form of the survey and subsequent report will vary according to the requirement. GLAFCOS MARINE forward three basic types of survey, but in all cases the precise requirements are tailored to suit those of the client.

  • Our rapid and competitive service includes an independent and factual report, produced in confidence, providing a clear, concise indication of the vessel's condition.
  • Our flexibility enables us to offer suitable surveys for any vessel regardless of type, size, age or class.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

   This type of survey carried out in ships sale/purchase transactions where time is a very limiting constraint and offers are valid for a short period only.
   In such a case a so-called "Superficial Survey" to evaluate the condition of the ship and its associated machinery, has often to be performed at very short notice. This survey based mainly on visual observations of parts of the ship during a relatively rapid tour. Our surveyors are able to get an overall impression which allows them, through their experience, to make intelligent guesses for the part not surveyed at the appropriate depth and most important, to convey these impressions and judgements to the prospective owners through GLAFCOS MARINE developed standard formulas report.
   For the client the overall condition hence the value of the ship and the costs of the required repairs are crucial items when considering a counteroffer to the seller's asking price.
   As a guideline, and wherever possible, the following are examined and their condition reported on:

  • Shell & deck plating
  • Accommodation and bridge
  • Hatches and covers
  • Galley
  • Cargo gear and equipment
  • Fire and safety equipment
  • Mast houses
  • Steering gear
  • Cargo holds and tanks
  • Lighting and ventilation
  • Stores and other spaces
  • Pumping and piping
  • Anchor and mooring equipment
  • Navigation and communication
  • Machinery spaces
  • External and internal coating systems

   Main and auxiliary machinery and their associated equipment are also reported on and where possible seen in a running condition. In addition, trading documents will be examined and manning levels, fuel consumption figures, status of classification and statutory surveys, validity of certificates and logbook entries reported on.

In-depth condition Surveys.

   This type of survey is a more extensive survey more suitable, for example, for assessing the viability of extending a vessel's useful life, specifying required major repairs or carrying out conversions.
In addition to those items covered in the previous type, this survey is based in more detailed, close-up, examinations of each part and involves testing of electrical systems, machinery and equipment and further assessment of the structure by thickness determination, also examination of under-water parts of the hull, rudder and propeller can be required.

Damage Surveys

  • When a ship suffers damage there are several options open to the owner depending on the extent of the damage. The opinion, advice and technical judgements of a GLAFCOS MARINE's surveyor can be crucial when such incidents occur to determine the most appropriate remedial action.
  • Our surveyors has the potential to judge and decide in connection with class surveyors and/or other parties surveyors, either fully immediate repair or propose temporary repairs to achieve seaworthiness which postpone repairing the damage until arrangements have been made to have them done at a more convenient time and place.
  • Damage surveys, with the owner's consent, may also be undertaken on behalf of insurance companies, under-writers and third parties.


   No matter the type of survey GLAFCOS MARINE assigns a multi-disciplined person or team to attend it. Bare in mind that all GLAFCOS MARINE surveyors are fully equipped with portable PC's and printers as well as with ultrasonic thickness measurement instruments and their qualifications include but not limited to Naval Architect and Marine Engineers university degrees and approvals at an industrial standard for non-destructive testing.